Primary and Secondary Anycast DNS

Nova53 provides the assurance of the reliable authoritative and recursive DNS infrastructure your organization needs.

We’ve Got You Covered


Nova53 fully supports RFC 2136 and other common Dynamic DNS clients.

Global Infrastructure

With 19 live locations and counting, over 3 providers, our network provides unparalleled reliability.


We protect your domain from hijacking with DNSSEC, preventing unauthorized changes to your DNS.

American Business

Nova53 is incorporated as an LLC in the United States of America.

Audience Analytics

We offer analytics at the DNS level, catching the requests your other platforms can’t.

Health Checks

Our unique weighted DNS platform allows your services to seamlessly fall back to another server if a preconfigured health check fails.


Faster load times can boost your search rankings. Nova53 can help.

"FLOSS" Discounts

We support a variety of Free/Libre and Open Source Software projects, over 2 million lookups a day on average.

Making the Internet a More Reliable Place

DNS is the software powering the entire internet. Nova53 is committed to creating a reliable backend infrastructure to help your online applications thrive. Our anycast technology allows us to scale our benefits globally and seamlessly with every datacenter we add.

Nova53 for Any Deployment

Managed DNS

Cloud-oriented, DDoS-protected DNS for your business. Nova53 Managed DNS prioritizes speed, ease-of-use, and control over your online application traffic.

Dedicated DNS

Nova53 can provide redundant DNS on a network completely unique to your organization, providing extra resiliancy without losing our unique feature-set.

Private DNS

Nova53 can provide our advanced DNS software to teams that want to manage their own internal or external DNS configurations.

Want to learn more?

Chat with Nova53 to learn how DNS can make your online technology faster, safer, and easier.