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What is Anycast DNS?

Anycast is a network design to direct you to the closest node based on the amount of hops between you and the node. This means you will get directed to our nearest node that your ISP is connected to, every time.

This network design allows our service to be geographically dispersed while serving a global audience, with low latency and minimal downtime. It also allows for small request resolution times, no matter where the request is sourced from.

Additionally, in the event that a POP (Point-Of-Presence) fails, the routes will fail over to one of the other, active, healthy POPs, immediately and automatically. This allows for unparallelled uptime for your DNS infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Domains Can I Add?

All accounts that are created will have access to add 10 domains by default. If more are required, please email NOC@NOVA53.NET.

Can I Send DNSUPDATES to My Zone?

Yes! We support both IPv4 and IPv6 Dynamic DNS updates, from services such as www.nsupdate.info. Once you add the domain on this platform, you must email NOC@NOVA53.NET to enable it for your zone. You must also provide a “secret”, along with the hash algorithm used, for it to be enabled within your zone.

Nova53's Stance on Malicious/Unlawful Use?

All zones serviced by this service are subject to removal based upon malicious activities aimed towards the servers and/or other networks. Your zones are subject to deletion with or without notification from the admins, relating to such malicious attacks, or unlawful use.

Do You Accept AXFR?

We sure do! Go to “New Domain” and select the Slave zone option. Once selected, enter the zone name and master IP (either IPv4 or IPv6), and allow the Nova53 IPs listed to AXFR from your master. Currently if your Master IP/s change, then you must delete the zone and recreate it with the new master IP. Since this is a slave zone, no data will be lost as we’ll be pulling a fresh copy from the master!

Do you support DNSSEC?

DNSSEC is provided by Nova53 as well. If you want your zone signed – please send an email to NOC@NOVA53.NET requesting the algorithm and how many KSK/ZSK keys you require. You will be provided with the 4 types of DS records to send to your registrar.

Has a Provider Failure Been Tested?

The answer is yes! If one of our peering partners were to have a full outage, the remaining peers will continue to service your requests without missing a beat.

Our Commitment to Privacy

Your data will only ever be seen by the Nova53 team, and only used to provide you the best service we can provide. Nobody outside of Nova53 will have access to the your private account information, at no point will it be sold to 3rd parties. Your data is completely secured to industry standards.

Provider Locations

United States

Miami, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Seattle, Washington
Los Angeles, California
Silicon Valley, California
New York, New York
Chicago, Illinois
Dallas, Texas







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New Zealand


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